Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh. My. Gods.

Haha. Yeah, this book is pretty much as superficial as the cover makes it out to be. That didn't make it any less entertaining, though. I read it in a day, and didn't regret a single page. It's one of those guilty pleasure books, the ones that you're embarrassed to read in public but would happily read again. It was a nice light change from last week's book. Here's Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs.
Phoebe's life is right on track--literally. One of the best runners on her Southern Californian track team, she's thisclose to getting a track scholarship to USC and attending with her two best friends.Then, the bomb drops. Her mom comes back from traveling with a new fiancé and one-way plane tickets to Greece. That's how, to Phoebe's horror, she ends up moving to Serfopoula, Greece: a tiny, secret island on the Aegan. To top it off, her new step-dad has some unexpected news: the Greek gods are real. The island is a safe haven for their descendants (also gifted with superpowers). Phoebe has to start attending the exclusive academy there--despite the fact that she's the only "normal" one going there. It seems that securing that track scholarship is her only hope of escaping the island, but training and maintaining grades will be tough. Her new stepsister's bent on making her life hell, and Phoebe may have found her Achilles' heel in a godlike guy who's almost as infuriating as he is cute. One thing's for sure: finding the will to win and take control of her life may be the toughest course yet.
So, it's cheesy but not too cheesy. I like the main character, and elements of the plot are familiar but done well. I would recommend it to any middle through high school girl. It's enjoyable and relatable (well, except for the Greek gods part. I mean, not that the Greek gods part isn't enjoyable, but it's not exactly relatable--unless you have some very interesting news for me 0_o. Okay, I'm just gonna shut up now). Kinda like junk food for your brain. It's at Kettleson.


  1. I want to move to Serfopoula too. Oh rain...:(

  2. Oh, me too. If only I could learn Greek...